The JS School which is now an extension of the Proprietress Nursery and Primary School in
Iyiowa Odekpe by the Anambra State Universal Basic Education Board(ASUBECB) offers
the subjects leading to the award of Junior Secondary School certificates.
The subjects are divided into Core, Vocational and Non Vocational
Core Subject:
Mathematics, English, Business Studies, French, Integrated Science, Introductory Technology
Health and Physical Education.
Pre-Vocational Subject:
pratical/Agricultural Science, Home Economics, (Religious and national value): Civic Education,
Social Studies, C. R. S, Nigeria Language and Literature in English.
Non-Vocational Subject:
Computer Studies
1. At the end of 3 years, it is possible to continue in the Senior Secondary School or
2. Go to a Technical School: or
3. Go to a Teacher Training School
It is important to note that all the three areas lead to Senior Secondary School Certificate
(SSCE) equivalents plus a vocational certification in case of either the Technical or Teacher Training School
The Senior Secondary School is for those who are capable of passing Junior Secondary
Examinations at levels good enough to complete the 6 year curriculum. Students areprepared WAEC, NECO & UTME
Core Subject:
English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural Science, Further Mathematics
Technical drawing, Commerce, Accounting, Data Processing, Literature in English, C. R. S
Government, Economics, Igbo Language, Civic Education and Marketing.
English Language; Mathematics; Igbo Language.

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Need-to-Know Grammar

In order to improve your writing skills, there are certain elements of grammar that you must know. Following is a list of some of the basics.

Sentence fragments are just what they sound like—parts of sentences or incomplete sentences. Precalc tutor on the https://onlinetutorforme.com/precalc-tutoring/ choose your personal precalc tutor. They may be missing a subject or a verb, or they may not express a complete thought.

Complete sentences have subjects and verbs and express a complete thought.

Run-on sentences are just what they sound like—a series of clauses and/or phrases that continue on and on without the proper connecting words and without the proper punctuation.

The subject is the person or thing performing the action in the sentence.

The verb is the action being performed.

A phrase is a series of words without a subject or a verb; therefore, phrases are always sentence fragments unless they are part of a longer sentence.

A clause consists of a subject and a verb. Clauses could be called very simple sentences, but since a clause does not always express a complete thought, it is often a sentence fragment even though it contains a subject and a verb.

Independent clauses can stand alone as sentences and make perfect sense even if other clauses are removed.

Dependent clauses rely on independent clauses in order to make sense. Alone, they do not represent a complete thought, even though they contain subjects and verbs.

A noun clause is a clause that acts as a noun (a person, place, thing, or idea) in a sentence. Since it acts as a noun, it can sometimes act as the subject of a sentence.

Conjunctions are words that connect other words or groups of words to each other.

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